Floating fountains are the best choice for people who want to save their time and money on water decorations. The fountain looks great in any reservoir; it is perfectly suitable for pools, ponds of various dimensions.

Our company performs a full range of works on construction and installation of floating fountains, and also we have a large variety of materials and fountain equipment.

The use of floating fountains in landscape design has many plus points. At any time, the assembled structure can be moved to another location, as it is completely ready for installation. When installing a decorative hydraulic system, only the preparation of the appropriate electrical supply is required. Almost all models of floating fountains are characterized by energy efficiency. There is no need to purchase expensive water treatment systems to make floating fountains function efficiently.

Advantages of floating fountains

  1. Ease of installation
    The technical simplicity of fountain structures does not require pre-installation of pipes and a pump. When installing a floating fountain, only the preparation of the appropriate electrical power supply is needed.
  2. Low-cost
    A floating fountain is a cost-effective structure because there is no need for building materials, various architectural forms, expensive facing stone etc.
  3. Water aeration
    Floating fountains create large aeration of the reservoir in which they are installed, saturating it with oxygen, which prevents algae growth and water stagnation.
  4. Mobility
    The structure is simple and mobile, which easily allows you, for example, to take it out of the reservoir for the winter.

Floating fountain structure

A floating fountain consists of:

  • Fountain pump;
  • Restraining swimmers;
  • Special nozzles that give the desired shape to water jets.

Fixing the fountain:

  • Restrain with a rope.
  • Fixation with an anchor.

Decorative features of the floating fountain

Floating fountain installations look like small geysers on the water surface, making their way from the depth of a water reservoir on the household territory. Various nozzles are available for installation on floating fountains. With their help, you can create a variety of shapes and patterns of jets.

Most models come with original lights that look especially good in the evening and at night.

Led elements are usually present to illuminate the fountain. If the water jet reaches 30 meters, it is better to install halogen lamps with a higher power.

The purposefulness of the floating fountain installation


It will improve the aesthetic appeal of any suburban area, and you will hear a lot of compliments from your neighbours.


It will ensure the beauty of your pond and aeration of standing water.


It will decorate a landscape of large ponds, lakes, and commercial reservoirs. The fountain exhilarates the surrounding area.

Installing a floating fountain

When installing, please take into account the distance from the edge of the reservoir to the fountain equipment itself. The height of the jets should be equal to or slightly less than this distance. Otherwise, water splashes, which are easily provoked by the wind, will erode the adjacent soil. It will negatively affect the water content of the reservoir and the quality characteristics of the shore area.

Decorative floating fountains for garden plots

Fountains have more than just an embellishment function. They are also beneficial for water quality by aerating it and setting it in motion. The spray force can repel floating debris and prevent overgrowth of invasive aquatic plants. When falling, the droplets break the tension on the surface of the water, thus preventing its stagnation, a factor that contributes to limiting insects reproduction.

Floating fountains for the landscape of ponds, lakes, commercial reservoirs

There is nothing more dazzling than a fountain lit up at night while walking through the city centre. Citizens appreciate the noise of water and the contrast of light at night. They are fascinated by the play of wind, which pushes small droplets around the fountain. The fountain focuses attention on itself and animates the surroundings. Thus it becomes a gathering place, a great excuse to go for a walk. For a minimum cost, a floating fountain can delight thousands of residents and tourists, from the smallest to the oldest.


With soothing sounds and the visual beauty of moving water, the fountain in the pond will animate any garden plot.

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Our floating fountains not only enhance the beauty of your landscape but also provide aeration of stagnant waters to control algae growth.


The pond fountain will be a great addition to your landscape. Your friends, neighbours and visitors will love it.

Thousands of customers are looking forward to improving the quality of their water reservoirs to raise their corporate image, enhance the environment and encourage community initiatives. Let us advise you on our range of fountains. Contact us if you need advice on choosing a floating fountain according to the size of your pond.